Friday, 1 December 2017

21 Easy Decorating Ideas To Make Over A Room In a Day

A little work in your home with different colors, wall papers and accents can make great changes. Written below are the few ideas which you can incorporate in your home to give it more beautiful look.
Incorporate a new accent color
A formerly navy blue and white bedroom is given a new life when gold touches are added into the mix.

Tablecloth changes
The secret to a successful and gorgeous tablecloth for your room lies in the right choice of linens and in proper maintenance. Both color and size are important.
Bedding color
The accent colors of your bedding are where you will find your paint color inspiration. Use eye catching colors.

Turning floor into blue
Blue is an excellent and eye catching color if you do it on floor of the bathroom. How charming it would look when you have a blue on the floor and there is a white bath tub on it.
Colorful curtains
Use colorful curtains as per your furniture or the color of walls you have in your room. Be careful while selecting curtains because they are the first look when somebody enters your home.
Use wallpapers
There are places in the house where you can’t fix anything. But sometimes putting on wallpapers on those walls will give them a beautiful look.
Colorful deep areas
There are places in the house which are at the back or inside the wall and not visible till the time you don’t give them a colorful look.

Giving some colors to the windows
Instead of using wallpapers on the windows, they can be given different colors to look more bright and better.
Mix and match nature
Mix in new patterns to your bedding and furniture to give them a different and stylish look. Selection of texture is important in this regard.
Placing some antiques
You can hang or place some antiques in the rooms as well. This type of decoration will give an energetic look to the room.
Stylish hallways
Hallways can be dressed up with beautiful rugs or carpet. Even wood flooring in the hallways will look beautiful and eye catching.

Furniture used for seating should not be touching the walls. It should be some inches ahead of the wall and if rugs are placed in a room than place the furniture accordingly.
Placing of chairs
Sometimes there are separate chairs placed in the room or some stylish chairs other than the sofa set are placed in drawing rooms or in seating area.
Cover the furniture
If the chairs you place in the rooms or seating area are old than use good looking covers for them. By covering your old furniture with covers you can recover it.
Paint white
To give your home a bright look, paint some of the walls white. It will give a soothing effect to your eyes.

Statement wall
You can do wonders on your walls. Just visit the market and buy something interesting. E.g. you can buy a set of beautiful plates and hang them on your wall.
Display antiques
Visit the market and buy something antique like jars, glass and metal things and cover the sides or corner of the room with these things.
Bookshelf decoration
If you are having some beautiful artwork than don’t hesitate to hang that on your bookshelf. It will give more beautiful look.
Wall painting
You can use two color for wall painting. Distribute the wall into two half and use two different colors. 

Coloring open shelves
There are certain open shelves in the kitchen which can be given an energetic look by different colors.
Other than placing traditional things in a room, some modern things can also be placed in the room like a modern glass coffee table.

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