Saturday, 17 December 2016

Interior Designers Decorating Tips

Do you want to make your home look festive? Do you want best of the best tips and quick fixes to make your home ready for the guests, particularly during the holiday season? If yes is your answer to the both questions, the following article will provide you tips that are followed by the famous interior designers to make the homes stylish in the winter.

Innovative Ideas
As every season brings new surprises and developments for you, the same principle can be applied when it comes to upgrading the interior of your house. In simple words, the renovation of the house should start from new steps rather than repeating the same steps. For example, if you changed the furniture of the house in the last season, maybe it is time for you to change the wall paint or start from the step you had planned to do the last. The point is to get your mind thinking and get your creative process out of the same rut.

Signature Style
It has been noticed that most of the interior designers and the homeowners have the distinct style which reflects the personalities of the renovators in an interesting manner since it helps you to stick with one feature that would set you apart from the other houses or decors. Another advantage of having a signature style is that you don’t have to worry about standing apart in terms of the renovations or changes made in the homes. However, if you are someone who does not have a sense of style or if you don’t know how to figure out what is your distinct style, you could find out one of the repetitive tradition of yours that helps to create the overall look every time you renovate the house, chances are it would be your signature style as well.

Though all types of wreaths are preferred by the interior designers, however, wooden and green is one of the common choices that are made by the top names in the field. Likewise, some of the homeowners like to make DIY wreaths to add that extra effort into the homes. The wreaths are easily hung on the doors, mirrors and somewhat most of the display areas of the house. So in terms of choosing the right design, one could buy or make wreaths that would contribute to the existing theme of the house, or two, three different designs can be mixed together to  come up with a vibrant look.

Faux Brick Panels
In order to contribute to the cozy theme of the holiday season, faux brick panels are another perfect pick for the winter season, as the faux panels help to create an impression of a real wall, but the cost is far less than the real brick wall. Moreover, the maintenance of the faux wall is low as compared to other features of the home renovation. This means that the panels of the brick will help to add an additional texture and layers of the changes planned for the guests.

The Christmas tree
Generally, people assume that the Christmas tree takes up a lot of space; as a result, some of the homeowners give up easily on the idea of getting a tree for the house to complete the holiday look. However, if one overviews the preference and recommendations of the top home designers, it becomes clear that the tree can be adjusted in small houses or spaces in an aesthetic way. This means that it is important to remember that Christmas trees come in various sizes and types to fit into the space of your house. Hence, the holiday enthusiast can get a tree to complement the overall theme.

Storage Space Decoration
This may sound a little odd to you; however, it is one of the neglected spaces that has the potential to spruce up the decorations. In other words, storage space can also be utilized to not only decorate the home, but it would give you the opportunity to make it a useful part of the house rather than ignoring it. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that less is more, as the designers have the tendency to go overboard when it comes to renovating the storage space. To put simply, the shelves can be painted to add to the colorful theme or new elements can be replaced with the old pieces to make your space seem new.

Garland Décor
In addition to the wreaths and Christmas tree, garlands are another element that can make your renovation in the house look complete or incomplete. For example, garlands are used to decorate the fireplace, stairs and entry doors of the house, as the garlands require less space and they can be easily wrapped or hung around the prominent features of the house. Furthermore, some of the interior designers prefer to mix two different types of garland to create one or to decorate the mirrors.

Innovative Ornaments
In order to make the Christmas tree unique, it is important that you work on finding the various types of ornaments. For example, in addition to the glass balls, and golden sparkle, one can add the elements that would reflect the personality of the designer or the whole family can be engaged to add their unique contributions to the tree. The main purpose is to make the decoration a shared process for the family and friends.

Though there are no specific types of furniture for the holiday season, however, if you have the knack, you will find a way of using the ordinary furniture pieces that may make it look customized for the holiday season. Similarly, it would also make your guests feel special. For example, if you have an average size of living room, couches and exclusive pieces of chairs can be added to create more seating space for the big gatherings. On the other hand, if you have a spacious living room, but you don’t know how to fill it with the right type of furniture, it could ruin your holiday décor for the house. Therefore, it is necessary to utilize the furniture in the best possible way.

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